The Impact of Digital Tools on the interview process and recruitment outcomes in Swiss Corporate Industry.

Digital tools play a crucial role in recruitment, helping companies efficiently hire and achieve their goals. The paper examines the effectiveness of Digital in recruitment.

The Impact of Digital Tools on the interview process and recruitment outcomes in Swiss Corporate Industry.


This study aims to clarify the potential and effectiveness of various digital tools in comparison to each other. To improve the comprehension of the developments in Swiss human resource management practices, particularly the digital tools employed for recruitment. Understanding the impact of using such tools on interviews and the overall recruitment process will help Swiss companies align their talent acquisition strategies to achieve the best results. Further to bridge the gap by:

Informing HR Practices: Providing the necessary information to Swiss corporation's HR managers about the most effective digital tool selections and implementation strategies. Assessing the effects of these tools on various stages of recruitment enriches the choice of actions that an HR specialist will exert.

Shaping Policymaking: This study further provides information on how digital recruitment affects potential candidates and develops the decision to use technology for an application process from a policy-making perspective. This includes considering what might give certain groups an upper hand.


The study revealed a significant impact of digital technologies on the recruitment processes in Swiss companies these are the benefits of Digital Tools

Enhanced Efficiency: Applicant tracking systems, video interviews, and online assessments streamline workflows, allowing recruiters to identify and connect with qualified candidates faster.

Global Talent Pool Access: Digital tools facilitate reaching a wider talent pool, regardless of location.

Improved Candidate Experience: User-friendly tools can create a positive and accessible interview experience, fostering a solid employer brand.

Data-Driven Decisions: Digital tools offer valuable data and insights into candidate pools, enabling data-driven recruitment decisions.

Implications for practitioners

 Liberalizing human resource management of talent recruitment is the core idea that this research identifies ways Swiss companies can use digital applications to create a competitive advantage. Here is how:

Enhancing Recruitment with Digital Tools:

This research highlights the potential for Swiss companies to leverage digital tools for:

 Streamlined Processes: Communication through software can also be very fast in identifying candidates compared to the normal process, leaving the recruiter with much more time to assess the candidates.

·Improved Candidate Experience: Spending money on user-friendly tools enhances the impression of the interview process and boosts the employer's image, leading to a broader talent pool.

Data-Driven Decisions: Tools used in recruitment processes include the use of a base where large groups of candidates can be observed and assessed in order to make the appropriate hiring decision.


 The methodological approach of this paper is based on qualitative research methods to obtain in-depth knowledge of the digital used in interviews and recruitment outcomes. To obtain primary data, the semi-structured interviews were conducted with recruiters, and Candidates or Job applicants most familiar with the available recruitment solutions. These participants were working in the Swiss corporate industry. These participants were approached on LinkedIn and the interviews were conducted on MS Teams using one note to transcribe and MAXQDA software for the thematic Analysis.